Our Artists

Batucada Designers are committed to creating unique and sophisticated pieces that enhance the essence of every individual who wears them. We collaborate with a team of talented stylists, designers & artists to create these timeless pieces that not only look beautiful but are friendly to the environment and offer an experience rather than a simple “accessory.”

The Batucada brand strives to expose the beauty that surrounds us and each designer draws inspiration from various cultures, nature and the experience of ordinary people who accomplish extraordinary things on a daily basis. Our  design team includes:

Caroline Homery

Caroline Homery is a designer that is truly inspired by the living creatures that exist in nature. Her delicate and simplistic design is manifested  in each piece that demonstrates her  profound appreciation for nature’s gifts.  Caroline is also associated with the creative design behind the marketing campaigns for some of the most recognizable international & global brands including Citroen.

Gérad Di Maccio

Gerad is a painter and known as the father of “visionary art.” He uses his passion to inspire the collections that he creates. He is credited with the design of three pieces: a bracelet, a necklace and a foot jewel collectively known as “DiMaccio.”

Carmen & Allan

Carmen and Allan are two crafters that use ancient Chinese symbols and folk stories as their inspiration. This designing duo is originally from Hong-Kong, and responsible for the Cloud and Fish collections. Allen is a classic sketch artist and painter while Carmen’s talent as an art director and graphic designer have led to the development of some amazing social and multimedia art works – take a look!: http://smedia.ust.hk/dragastar/

Tanaka You

Tanaka is a Designer, Architect and Art Director at J.J. His own background and love for interesting shapes and architectural design are the source of inspiration in his pieces. Tanaka uses merging shapes and lines to develop an exquisite and convincing pattern that sits delicately on the skin.

Emilie Doizy

Emilie is a Batucada designer that applies oriental design as the basis for her creation. She draws upon the past while incorporating modern elements and materials to create pieces that are “one of a kind.” The Batucada collections she has designed include Flying Butterfly & Orient.

Otalia Noël

Otalia has worked with designers ranging from Thierry Mugler and Givenchy to Giorgio Armani. Her designs draw inspiration from tropical gardens, pacific culture, country-side scenery, the era of Baroco and traditional dancing from  around the world where movements, shapes and colors are incorporated  into each piece.

Marine Vola

Marine Vola is an analytical and talented French artist who has made a career in the field of industrial design. Following her studies in interior design (Barcelona), she completed an internship with a major architectural firm in Madrid. Now permanently located in Barcelona, Marina designs furnishings and a variety of other decorative products for many notable companies. It is in this context that she created the collection “Marina” for Batucada.

Elise & Mai

Elise & Mai – a gifted duo located in Paris, combine their talent for selecting color harmony and patterns with their distinctive style in textile design to produce pieces that are colorful and trendy – without compromising the sophistication for which Batucada is known. As “solution-oriented” artists, they are masterful and innovative in transforming concepts into relevant reality .